Developing your personal energies

Mindful Leadership


Mindfulness – the ability to stay completely present and aware of everything going on around you – is a key skill for leaders who want to strike a balance, in every situation, even those that are chaotic, uncertain or exceedingly fast-paced.

Mindful Leadership Programme

  • Contributions in the field of neuroscience on leadership
  • The basics of Inspirational Leadership
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Managing psychophysical energy in leadership
  • Otto Scharmer’s Theory U
  • Presencing: the source of managerial creativity


  • Acquire concrete techniques and tools to improve awareness of your own leadership style and its effectiveness
  • Increase your level of personal energy, the skills of concentrating and focusing on aims
  • Improve your ability to control your emotions and relate to others, especially in critical situations
  • Try out methods and techniques for maintaining your own personal wellbeing, even under pressure


  • Programme combining the latest discoveries in neuroscience with advanced leadership theories
  • Integrated methodology combining techniques taken from oriental disciplines with scientific methods developed under Western psychology
  • In-depth learning of mindfulness techniques, supported by Hatha Yoga and meditation