Project Description

Emotional intuition

Emotional Intelligence


  • Positive Presence: from stress management to the ecology of wellbeing
  • The four energetic intelligences: bioenergetic, emotional, mental, intuitive
  • Emotional intelligence as “fuel” for change
  • Basic emotions
  • Stress: eustress vs. distress
  • Wellbeing as a way of preventing distress
  • Empathy map: emotions, automatic thoughts, actions
  • Emotion management: recognition, acceptance, change
  • Automatic thoughts: convictions and beliefs that limit, prejudices, fixed mindsets
  • For a positive state: managing your own body and health
  • Actions: behavioural strategies that will help you achieve objectives


  • Create an understanding of how an emotional “ecology” can prevent stressful situations
  • Share a simply methodology for recognising one’s own emotions and treating them as “fuel” for making a positive change


  • Active methodology, including physical exercises and simulated management of concrete problematic situations
  • Individual pre-work via email
  • At the end of the programme, participants will put together a personal action plan.
  • Work plan, self assessments