Project Description

Leaders who look to success with determination

LIFT | Leadership Improvement Forward Thinking


  • Psychometric Profiling | a top-quality solution, due to the important contribution the DISC tool we use makes to a managers’ self-awareness of their own development
  • Emotional Team building | some fun activities that aim to further develop team cohesion. This may include role-playing games such as CSI or similar.
  • Team coaching | observing management dynamics by sitting in on management committees or department meetings

Management Pills | brief educational snippets, planned ad hoc and carried out in response to observations of the team coaching. They address people management, effective communication, managing disagreement and conflict, negotiation etc


  • Strengthen cohesion between the management team and directors
  • Nurture managerial competencies
  • Align culture, language and leadership styles
  • Recognise, strengthen and facilitate everyone’s ability to express themselves


  • The course combines the following: emotional team building, team coaching, management training. It is designed to be a real change-making course of action
  • The aim is to “lift” the team’s management competencies, while also facilitating its integration