Building a successful team

High Performance Team


The course combines theory (on the techniques for effectively building and managing a team) with practical exercises (on the team-creation stages):

  • Group vs Team
  • Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing
  • At what stage is my team? Self-assessment using the Lencioni Model
  • Weaknesses in the team: functional and dysfunctional aspects
  • The vital ingredients needed to build and guarantee a work team that runs smoothly, including: Coping strategies, open feedback, resilience, antifragility, conflict resolution
  • The importance of a team having a common purpose: how to put that in place to ensure it is shared among the team
  • Understanding and assessing each team member’s strengths


  • Prompt reflection on functional and dysfunctional aspects of the team’s work and on the core competencies required
  • Promote the establishment of a group identity and team spirit, whereby integration and mutual trust facilitate the team’s ability to reach the common goal

Create an environment in which everyone is aware of the others’ points of view – this is the first step


Interactive and multimedia training, including –

  • Self-assessment: Lencioni Questionnaire to aid reflection on and self-awareness of any dysfunctionality within the team
  • Use of video clips to put the team’s dialogue and dynamics under the spotlight
  • Alternating between lectures and active learning: questionnaires, exercises, action plans, self-assessments for an effective learning that guarantees immediate returns
  • Trying out techniques and strategies that can be applied day to day