Developing a positive presence

The Four Energetic Intelligences


  • Understanding how your role is affected by your ability to shape the future using your personal energy levels
  • The four energetic intelligences, which are:
    • Intuitive – the purpose and vision that will allow you to consciously define your own aims and those of your team
    • Mental – strategic approach and problem solving to create achievable plans
    • Emotional – the emotions and relationship-building abilities that support leadership
    • Bioenergetic – the achievable impact and power that bring projects to life
  • Contributions to the field of neuroscience on the topic of systemic leadership


  • Develop an understanding of the meaning of systemic leadership
  • Acquire concrete techniques and tools to boost your personal energy levels
  • Expand the ways in which you can make an impact on and influence your working environment
  • Try out ways of getting the different energetic intelligences to work in harmony with each other


  • Programme combining the latest discoveries in neuroscience with advanced leadership theories and an in-depth knowledge of performance coaching techniques
  • Participants will learn how to activate their own and others’ intelligences, in order to fulfil their own role within their company in a powerful and gratifying way
  • Exercises in mindfulness and bioenergy will be used as supporting activities for the training