Inspiring an Evolutionary Mood

Leadership Boosting


  • Being a leader in difficult moments: a focus on “personal proficiency
  • Evolutionary Mood vs. Surviving Mood
  • The four energetic intelligences: bioenergetic, emotional, mental, intuitive
  • Freeing up energy sources to assist an Evolutionary Mood
  • Leadership presence: being centred, so as to inspire and guide
  • Identify and work towards your purpose, so as to guide others towards and serve the company objectives
  • Leadership exercise: Scouller’s “Three levels of Leadership” and Blanchard’s “Situational Leadership”
  • Self-assessing your dominant leadership style
  • Leadership exercise in supporting the development of your co-workers and teams
  • The core leadership competencies


  • Create an awareness of how important it is to be aligned with your own “centre
  • Define authentic leadership and evaluate your presence
  • Share ways of identifying and freeing up energy sources to assist an Evolutionary Mood
  • Learn the key skills required for leading people and teams


  • Active methodology: alternating between discussion, lectures, team simulations, role play, workouts
  • Individual pre-work via email
  • At the end of the programme, each participant will put together a personal action plan