Developing an individual’s potential

Manager as a Coach


  • Coaching: definition and method
  • Coaching vs Mentoring
  • Coaching and being a coach: coaching as a mindset and tool with which managers can support their staff’s development
  • Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
  • Self assessing your own Mindset
  • Planning coaching
  • Turning objectives into results: the GROW Model
  • Empowering convictions vs. limiting ones: working on the coach’s and coachee’s convictions to support growth
  • Coaching skills: active listening, assertiveness, questioning and feedback
  • Coaching interview
  • Monitoring the action plan and providing feedback accordingly


  • Develop awareness and motivation centred around a coaching mindset, so as to support your employees’ development
  • Share the method and tools that will lead to effective coaching
  • Learn the core competencies for managing people under the coaching method


  • Active methodology, facing concrete situations that are both difficult and critical
  • Analysis of concrete examples of participants’ own experience, preparing the coaching meetings that managers will have to carry out within their company
  • Each participant will prepare their own coaching meeting, as well as carrying it out and managing its progress
  • Participants will be asked to simulate the meeting, after which there will be an exchange of feedback