Project Description

Get things done

Time Management


So little time, so much stress! Learning about time management in detail provides participants with the tools and methods for organising their time better and avoiding daily emergencies

  • The basic concepts of time and time management
  • Time as a mindset
  • Where my time goes
  • Other aspects of time management
  • Time management in support of self-effectiveness and leadership
  • Identifying personal and professional missions and targets
  • Using a diary/calendar as an activity schedule to help you pursue your personal and professional missions and targets
  • Time thieves and energy thieves: recognising and avoiding them
  • Locus of internal control and assertiveness, for strategically managing your own time
  • Personal development plan


  • Work more calmly and efficiently with more satisfying outcomes, managing time effectively (so as to meet targets) and efficiently (so as to optimise use of resources)
  • Critically analyse your personal planning so as to reduce tension and anything that causes negative stress
  • Identify “time and energy thieves” and manage your day in a meaningful way, relevant to the tasks at hand
  • Learn the vital competencies required to manage your company knowledgeably and with presence


  • Active methodology: alternating between practice, discussion, lectures and real-life situations.
  • At the end of the programme, participants will put together a diary and a personal action plan.
  • Self-analysis and group work