Project Description

The sun rises and sets – everything in between is negotiation



  • Recognising situations that require negotiation
  • Separating problems and people
  • Identifying positions and interests
  • Shaping negotiation objectives into an “integrative” logic
  • Managing each stage of the negotiation process
  • Getting those party to the negotiation to focus on objective reasoning, so as to protect the good relationship you have with them
  • Make use of verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal communication to reach a win-win solution.
  • Focus on understanding and not on intentions
  • Emotions and negotiation


  • Understand the most effective negotiation techniques and strategies
  • See, first hand, the advantages of integrative negotiation and compare with distributive negotiation
  • Carry out a practical exercise in negotiation
  • Separate the three levels of negotiation: problems, roles and people


  • Use of video clips to put dialogue and negotiation dynamics under the spotlight
  • Alternating between lectures and active learning: questionnaires, exercises, action plans, self-assessments allowing participants to build the most suitable negotiation model
  • Trying out techniques and strategies that can be applied day to day