Project Description

It is not about just holding meetings, but about holding effective meetings

Meeting Management



  • Type of meeting: features, objectives, length, frequency
  • Meeting structure: participants (including number), timing, location, PPT
  • Sending out the meeting invite
  • Meeting Room Setting

CONDUCTING the meeting:

  • Meeting Ground Rules
  • 10 points: prompts for the person running the meeting, for the participants and for anyone assisting
  • Running a meeting via video call
  • Listening to and handling objections

Meeting FOLLOW UP:

  • Debrief
  • Keeping track of Calls to Action

Managing your own role in the meeting:

  • Speak to Inspire model – Content, Delivery, State
  • Communication styles: how to be flexible and versatile
  • Communication skills: assertiveness, active listening, feedback and handling objections


  • Run a meeting successfully (both in terms of organisation and management/transferable competencies)
  • Utilise time management, meet targets and learn to communicate effectively


  • Active methodology, facing concrete situations that are both difficult and critical
  • Participants will be involved in role playing sessions
  • Each participant will be video recorded with their own smartphone
  • At the end of the programme, each participant will put together a personal action plan