Project Description

Shine in presentations

Speak to Inspire


  • Communicating and communicating excellently.
  • Peter Meyers’ High Performance Communication: Content, Delivery, State.
  • The model’s areas of application: presentations and discussion
  • Planning communication.
  • The tools for working on content:


 – Narrative architecture.

  • Using the body as a communication tool.
  • Positive and suitable use of the body and non-verbal communication to make your communication outstanding
  • Use of videos and the phone as an “extension” of the body
  • Positive and “present” management of participants’ psychophysical state: the basic conditions for high-performance communication, even in difficult situations.
  • There are no problematic situations or difficult people: really, the enemy is in all our heads
  • Managing state – inside-out strategies: thoughts and beliefs that limit.
  • Managing state – outside-in strategies


  • Ensure understanding that a “high performance” communication requires the ability to manage three key things: content, delivery and state.
  • Learn how to use operational tools to prepare an effective communication.
  • Train and improve – including according to feedback from colleagues and teachers – non-verbal communication, making it effective and positive in problematic times


  • Sperimentazione di casi concreti – conversazioni e/o presentazioni – che i partecipanti dovranno comunque sostenere in azienda
  • Ciascun partecipante simulerà almeno 3 volte – una per Content, una per Delivery, una per State – una presentazione o conversazione
  • Al termine colleghi e trainer daranno feedback costruttivi su come sia stata gestita
  • Le simulazioni saranno video-riprese con il cellulare del partecipante