Project Description

Asking the right questions for the interviewee

Excelling in Recruiting


  • Analysing needs
  • Sourcing: channels and tools
  • Selection process, from reading CVs to a ensuring a new employee is integrated into the company quickly
  • Creating a profile that sparks interest, with a job description that defines the role’s responsibilities, the skills it requires and what is expected of the successful candidate
  • Identifying skills and how they can be transformed into measurable factors that can be monitored
  • Communication during job interviews
  • The various types of interview: Free, structured, semi-structured
  • Use of questions
  • Assessing skills: the STAR model
  • Managing prejudices during a job interview
  • Using tests to assist understanding of skills
  • Choice of setting for the interview
  • Summarising the information
  • The risks when assessing a candidate and how to avoid them
  • Writing up a job profile and choosing content


  • Acquire the techniques and tools needed to critically read CVs, group dynamics and job interviews
  • Develop the ability to analyse personal characteristics and skills, as well as the levels that can be expected of them as a result
  • Hone job interview methods
  • Improve communication skills during job interviews


  • Practical “laboratory”, alternating between: lectures, role play, workshops, exercises, time dedicated to discussion of the logic applied and reflection on its success
  • Critical analysis of CVs
  • Applying and interpreting the most commonly used psychological tests
  • Simulated job interviews