Project Description

Values make the organization thrive

Value Driven Organization


  • Vision, mission and values: why have them?
  • How they link with the company strategy
  • How to define them so as to create general consensus internally: communicating them to the company
  • From values to a competencies model
  • Why a competencies model is useful
  • How to plan it so that it is effective and guarantees positive effects for the company


  • Understand why values, missions and a company vision are useful
  • Provide the team leadership with tools for establishing the above and using that to create a competencies model
  • Explain the methods for communicating and sharing the company’s mission, vision and values, internally and externally
  • Learn, in depth, the practices required for adopting a competencies model


  • Highly interactive sessions: the course combines active learning methodologies and workshops to produce (in the classroom sessions) results that can be used to establish the company’s mission, vision, values and competencies model
  • Exercises