Project Description

Diversity means variety

Diversity Management


  • The “faces” of diversity
  • How biased are we? (IAT)
  • Data and real-life cases
  • The impact of discrimination on the company’s day-to-day running and retention rates
  • The “antibodies”: practices and procedures for tackling discrimination the workplace
  • The culture of respect: resistance and the contact hypothesis
  • The history of diversity


  • Highlight how valuable a “diverse” workforce is
  • Raise awareness of discrimination in the workplace and the effects it can have in terms of satisfaction, commitment and performance
  • Reflect on the importance as well as the dangers
  • Assess tools and procedures for tackling potentially discriminatory behaviour


  • Utilizzo di test per la rilevazione di bias come eventuale attività di prework o di aula
  • Active learning, uso di supporti test e strumenti per sedimentare e approfondire le conoscenze sulla Diversity
  • Esercitazioni e simulazioni