It’s not just about products and services: bringing the “Wow” factor to customer experience

Lovemark Selling


  • Being a Lovemark: strengthening your company’s brand positioning in terms of Respect and Love
  • Lovemark Positioning: mapping your brand as well as those of competitors
  • The importance of being a Lovemark to a positive CEX (Customer experience)
  • Customer Journey Mapping: identifying the Touch Points between the client and your company
  • The personal touch: identifying the touch points in which the consulting vendor can improve CEX and guide the purchasing process
  • Selling consulting services: identify requirements so as to offer the right services and solutions
  • The sales stages: the importance of pre- and post-selling activities in creating a positive relationship with the client
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Formulating an effective offer: features, advantages and benefits
  • The key skills required for an effective sales relationship: communication styles
  • The “state” of being a vendor-consultant: convictions that empower vs. those that block the expression of a positive presence


  • Develop an awareness for the important role a company’s brand positioning plays, including for the client’s experience
  • Share the methods and key skills needed for a commercial consultancy offering


  • Alternating between lectures and active learning: questionnaires, role play, exercises, action plans, self-assessments allowing participants to build the most suitable model
  • Trying out techniques and strategies that can be applied day to day
  • Lovemark test
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • At the end of the programme, participants will put together a personal action plan